Mailing Lists

There is now one main mailing list for Linux USB. It is hosted at It uses majordomo and the following links will allow you to subscribe or unsubscribe. The archive is available here.

If you want to report a bug, please read this question in the FAQ.

Another method of discussion is an IRC channel. The best bet is to look at the #kernelnewbies channel.

There are two old lists which are now only useful as an archive. All subscribtion requests will be rejected (and/or ignored).

The -users list is for users asking about problems and fixes, general questions, etc.

The -devel list is for developer discussions. Patches should be sent to linux-usb-devel.

The general (user/help) mailing list for the Linux-USB project has an archive at here or here.
The really old archive can be found at This mailing list also contains all of the posts to Inaky's original mailing list. Thanks to Greg Smith.

The linux-usb-devel (developer) mailing list has an archive at here or here.